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The restaurant is located in a fascinating modern hut, made of wood and steel, scenically overlooking the beach of San Vincenzo. The Capraia, Corsica and Elba Island outlines stand out on the horizon.
The chef Deborah Corsi prepares and takes care of each dish: a talented woman who seems to paint her dishes. Deborah mainly works using local products, excellent fish and zero km vegetables.
Deborah is the kitchen’s face. Emanuele, not only the man who manages the entire structure but also the one who does everything to please the guests, is the person who followed up on what his family started in the ‘ 80.
The restaurant has x seats inside, as well as x seats outside. Moreover, during summer it’s possible to reserve a table for a romantic dinner with your feet in the sand.
Since 2011, La Perla del Mare has been acknowledged from the main Italian and international gastronomic guides, from Gambero Rosso, to Espresso, Italian Touring Club, Identità Golose and MICHELIN Guide.


The restaurant has more than one hundred labels. Passing from local wines, such as Vermentino and Viognier, to important champagnes, not to mention the Tuscan reds that identify our territory.
High-end wines are served by the glass too.
the chef

Deborah Corsi

Jeune Restaurateur

Deborah Corsi starts cooking since she was a child. He loved playing with flour and preparing homemade pasta with his grandmother. A woman fascinated by ingredients, by choosing raw material she uses creatively to cook sublime dishes. Deborah Corsi is a courageous woman who manages La Perla del Mare with her husband Emanuele Giampieri.

Deborah approached the kitchen thanks to her mother-in-law Ferdinanda, who accepted her in her restaurant and teached her the first techniques of a local, seafood cuisine.

Then our chef attended the Alma school and many other cooking, pastry and bread making courses. Today She is part of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe association. Her great talents, as well as the passion She puts into her work, can be found in the dishes she prepares daily.

Sommelier: Emanuele Giampieri